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Weird Chelsea Loft Has Some Crazy Columns for $1.7 Million

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There are quite a few aspects of this 1,750-square-foot sixth-floor loft in 161 West 15th Street that strike us as pretty odd. For one thing, it has around one chandelier for every 300 square feet. There's also a cordoned off toilet labeled on the floor plan as "storage" that we'd like to get a look at. And it's staged very strangely. And, oh yeah, the columns. Very, very weird columns, made even weirder by the fact that they appear to have been constructed without the actual height of these particular ceilings in mind. All that said, it only costs $968 per square foot, which is pretty reasonable for a Chelsea loft.

· 161 West 15th Street #6H [Elliman]

Jensen Lewis Building

161 West 15th Street, New York, NY