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More Post-Sandy Problems at 1 West Street

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?More bad news from the tenants of 1 West Street: some of the rent refund checks sent out by the Moinian Group have bounced. One tenant, who pays his rent in advance received a check for the time when the building was unihabitable, but the check bounced when he tried to deposit it. Building management had not returned his calls. On top of that, tenants have compiled a long list of complaints, including continued power outages, health risks, continued evacuations, failing generators, fire hazards, and more. The tenant group sent a detailed list, complete with a spreadsheet detailing every single problem that has occurred, to management in hopes of resolving the issues and gaining some concessions.

The photo at right shows the long line of tenants waiting for the elevators after a power outage on Christmas Day. The elevators still do not run to every floor and require "Firewatch personnel." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

1 West Street

1 West Street, New York, NY 10006