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Comment of the Day

"Say what you will, Barclays Center looks much better than it has any right to. It is a low-rise building in a low-rise neighborhood. The Cor-Ten steel is a much more friendly companion to nearby brownstones than the brick ticky-tacky Ratner put up across the street. The plaza and oculus are already attracting crowds, both locals and tourists. And the predicted traffic nightmare has not materialized. Most people do arrive by mass transit, to the extent that the Long Island Rail Road found itself running de facto "Barbra Nostalgia Trains" before and after the Streisand concerts. There's still a lot to be seen of the Atlantic Yards site, especially the affordable housing, but the first step proves that Ebbets Field should have been moved there 55 years ago."?BklynScribe [Curbed Awards '12: Adventures in Urban Planning]