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1847 Greenwich Village Townhouse Hits the Market for $12M

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It's always Christmas in this 6BR, 5.5BA townhouse at 41 West 11th Street, listed today for $11,995,000 (or, at least, it's always Christmas in the listing photos.) The four-story, 1847 Green Revival home has retained much of its beautiful original detailing and features seven wood-burning fireplaces, six of which are original. The entire place is just gorgeous with the possible exception of the very green foyer, which, we're willing to admit, is less sickening than some we've seen. The only major drawback we can think of is a possible proximity to Harvey Weinstein's yapping dogs on West 12th Street. They never stop, those dogs.
· Listing: 41 West 11th Street [Corcoran]

41 West 11th Street

41 West 11th Street, New York, NY