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Curbed Cup Finals: (1) DoBro vs. (7) Hudson Square

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And now, the conclusion of the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. Because this is the most important decision of all time, the polls will be left open until noon, January 2. Let the final battle begin!

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for?the 2012 Curbed Cup finals! Last year's champion, Downtown Brooklyn, has once again made it to the final round. The champ has seen continued interest and development this year, with the completion of the Jay Street-Metro Tech subway station renovation, and a lot of new restaurants opened (including some with debatable neighborhood designations. Two Trees announced plans for a 32-story apartment tower, the Brodsky Organization will be building a 440-unit rental building, and Flank will be building condos (attached to a hotel) at 71 Smith Street. Will DoBro be the first ever Curbed Cup champion repeat?

The other finalist is a bit of a surprise (and according to many Curbed commenters, not even a real neighborhood), but Hudson Square has made a strong showing in the Curbed Cup voting. What's the area got going for it? The land use review process for the proposed Hudson Square rezoning began this year, and if passed, it would institute building height limits of 320' along wide streets and 195' on narrow streets. The Hudson Square Connection, the neighborhood BID, is also hoping for a public space makeover.

Which neighborhood deserves the crown?

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