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Rent in Brooklyn for $0/Month with One Small Catch

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2012 was a tough year to be a renter, and it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier any time soon. But if anyone out there feels like the rent is just eating them alive, good news: Daily Intel found you an affordable place. On Craigslist. For no dollars per month, you can sleep on a gay couple's couch/bed in the lovely New York City neighborhood of "Brooklyn," enjoying luxuries such as air conditioning, cable TV, and internet. And all it'll cost you is a few personal training sessions and some meal planning. Also: "discipline," which doesn't sound too creepily and intentionally vague or anything. This seems like a pretty good deal, although it is hard to really put a monetary value on some things. Like discipline, for instance. Still, if you think your disciplining prowess and fitness advice is worth less than $1,000/month, we'd say just go for it.
· Gay Cple Seeks Roommate 4 Motivation Losing Weight in Exchange 4 Rent [Craigslist, via Daily Intel]