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Extent of Damage Still Unclear at the O'Neill Building

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The landmarked O'Neill Building, which seems to somehow court disaster, is now really One Ill Building—and in the bad way, not in the cool Beastie Boys way. The cause of the facade collapse on Tuesday that led to the entire building being evacuated is still being investigated, but—although the former dry goods emporium's iconic face, ornamental cast-iron, gold domes, and all, is still largely intact—the structural damage may be more serious. Cracks in the brickwork surrounding a collapsed load-bearing column are evident, and the walls and beams around the column appear to be shifting, according to the Times. The Department of Buildings conducted an inspection on Thursday and, apparently concluding that collapsing facades are a bad thing, issued a failure to maintain violation to the owner, United American Land LLC.
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Photo by Stu_Jo