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DuPont Estate for Sale; Questionable Movie, Great Architecture

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) Coconut Grove: Live like a DuPont in the 1960s, in swinging midcentury modern luxury, in this former DuPont family estate in Coconut Grove. The $22 million property features 33 rooms, a capacious boat house, and a porthole looking into the pool.

2) Neighborhoods: It's down to the wire, with two neighborhoods left in the competition for the Curbed Cup, to be awarded to Miami's greatest neighborhood. Still in the race: Midtown Miami and Lincoln Road. Voting will continue all weekend.

3) Upper East Side: It looks like "Pain & Gain", a movie coming out this year about 'roided up, homicidal gym dudes, might be a showcase for some dilapidated but awesome Miami architecture. Blood money and midcentury modernism go pretty well together.