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Seeking Non-Boring Ideas for the City's Street Fair Structures

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The next Ideas City, a biennial festival "created to explore the future city and to effect change," will be held May 1 to 4, 2013, somewhere in downtown NYC. As those dates approach, there's one problem: the temporary tents and other structures that go up to house exhibitions during street fairs are just so boring. Or, in architect-speak, these street fairs end up with "a spatially, geometrically, chromatically, and materially homogeneous environment that simply enables activities to happen without generating a playful engagement with the city or its citizens." The Storefront for Art and Architecture, the New Museum, and Architizer, have a potential solution to that: a competition.

The competition is seeking designs for prefab structures that are modular and easy to create and set up, while also being different from the usual street fair stuff. Participants have until January 18 to register and February 8-9 to submit, and designs should be 1,000-1,500 square feet and include a minimum of 10 units, "able to provide for multiple spatial configurations, from freestanding units to large collective areas." Got an idea? Submission info is over here. And we wouldn't mind seeing any renderings.
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