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Confusing Murray Hill Carriage House Slices Price to $8.25M

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The George S. Bowdoin Stable is a classy, distinguished-sounding name for a building that, inside, looks neither classy nor distinguished. The house has Miami vibes (pink neon lights) and what a 2007 Habitats piece called "James Bond" touches, like a remote-controlled box in the master bedroom that operates curtains, lights, and music. With such mixed-up interior decor and a rather varied history of uses?most recently, it's been a non-profit arts center and an event space?it's no wonder the sales history has been?troubled. The place has just returned to market for $8.25 million.

The place (which has been landmarked, by the way, since 1996) last sold for $5 million in 2005. Last fall it was listed for $13.95 million, later chopped to $9.3 million. Now, new price, new broker?easier sale? Maybe someone will come along who can make the inside match the Dutch Revival outside, sculpted horse and bulldog heads and all.
· 149 East 38th Street [StreetEasy]
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149 East 38th Street

149 East 38th Street, New York, NY