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The Curbed Cup is Coming! Name 2012's Best Neighborhood!

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For the last eight Decembers, Curbed readers have chosen the New York City neighborhood of the year, granting it the Curbed Cup trophy. While our official 2012 fake trophy is being forged and we count down the days until the voting begins, we need one thing from you, Curbed readers: your nominations for neighborhoods.

A full 16 neighborhoods will face off in this year's Curbed Cub tournament, but which 16 should they be? Drop your nominations in the comments of this post or e-mail them over to us. We don't just want neighborhood names?please tell us why your neighborhood's development, retail, and/or restaurant landscape in 2012 merits its inclusion (and potential victory) in this year's Curbed Cup. Here are the past winners:

2011: Downtown Brooklyn
2010: Harlem's FDB
2009: Williamsburg
2008: Madison Square Park
2007: Long Island City
2006: West Harlem
2005: Prospect Heights
2004: Fort Greene

Which neighborhood will ascend to Curbed Cup glory next?

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