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Three Family-Friendly Park Slope Townhouses Enter Contract

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Even if the kiddos can't go to P.S. 321, Park Slope is still a hot market for millionaire moms and dads. Three townhouses that we've featured over the last couple months have already entered contract, with one being snapped up just two weeks after hitting the market. Said house (above) is a two-family neo-Italian Renaissance limestone home at 591 Third Street that sold for $3,669,500?$174.5K more than the asking price. Inside, there's a garden level rental topped by a 5BR triplex with a formal dining room that has a coffered ceiling.

The next place to get picked up was 113 Prospect Park West, another two-family townhouse. The grand four-story manse boasts 6,000-square-feet of space, split into a 2BR garden level rental and a 4BR owner's triplex. Details include stained glass, "African mahogany," working fireplaces, parquet floors, ceiling medallions, marble bathrooms, and "wedding cake moldings." Less than three months after listing, the house switched brokers and was pricechopped from the original ask of $5.25 million to $4.45 million. It has entered contract for the lower price.

And finally, we have the townhouse at 377 6th Avenue. The home was converted from a two-family residence to a single family home earlier this year, and it came on the market in September asking $2.975 million. The 3,000-square-foot house has three stories plus a finished basement, five bedrooms, and a landscaped garden. Lots of lovely details, including white oak French herringbone floors, a reading nook, a balcony on the master suite, and custom maple box cabinets. It entered contract last week.

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