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The Times Investigates the Confounding Sweater Factory Lofts

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The Sweater Factory Lofts at 239 Banker Street in Greenpoint have been a head-scratching topic in the real estate blogosphere for more than three years, and now the Times, in its customary delayed reaction fashion, has discovered the building. The article doesn't bring to light any crazy new problems, but it does highlight just how mindboggling it is that the building has gotten away with as much as it has for as long as it has?like plastering over fire sprinkler heads, blatantly ignoring stop work orders, and, of course, being an illegal loft residence.

The Times contacted the building manager, Reuven (he only gave his first name), who blamed all the issues on the previous owners. He also said that the building is now "100 percent up to code," which is a laughable claim considering the DOB still lists more than two dozen open violations, including several stop work orders. Even with all of the violations, the tenants have applied for protection under the loft law, and if they are approved (a process that can take years), the building owners would essentially get a free pass and the lofts would be legalized. The most disturbing part of the story, however, has nothing to do with the violations, but with some of the tenants themselves: they did not even Google the building before moving in.
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239 Banker Street

239 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222