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Historic Bushwick Home Now Soon-To-Be Historic 'Trip House'

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Brownstoner is currently up in arms over 74 Cornelia Street, aka Trip House, a "remarkably intact 1890 Queen Anne" mansion which sold for an incredibly low $275,000 earlier this year, and has since been hosting enormous parties that are consuming it from the inside out, turning the interiors into a graffiti-covered wasteland. Sounds fun! Curbed spoke to Brooklyn denizen Kevin Sweeting, who attended Trip House's Halloween party and described it in the breathless manner of Saturday Night Live's Stefon, listing various highlights such as "voguing," "red balloons," "a child's bed with a fake corpse," "young gay black men in great outfits," "dazed white girls trying to figure out how to dance to trap music," "a 10 foot tall clown's head with a slide coming out of the mouth," and "a nativity scene with black paint dripping from the eyes of all the characters." "It was the best party I've been to in years," he added.

Now, the astute reader may be wondering at this point where the landlords are during all this. The answer: they're inside the house. One of the residents told Daily Intel, "Some Hasids bought the place — a few Hasids come to every party. They are very interested in what we do in terms of progressive culture. And maybe they're not concerned because they just know they're going to tear it down and build on the spot for new rich losers moving out to Brooklyn?" Sweeting ran into said Hasids in the kitchen. "I went in there with some girls and they immediately walked up to the girls and gave them each two bottles of cold Peligrino and started talking about how they own the building and wanted a space where kids 'could party,'" he said. Ha ha. Progressive culture.