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Inside a 271-Square-Foot 'Urban Treehouse' in Brooklyn

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Micro apartments are the way of the future for New York City, but plenty of New Yorkers are ahead of the trend, cramming themselves into small spaces. The key to the micro lifestyle is smart design, which designer Daniel LiCalzi epitomizes in his 271-square-foot Brooklyn apartment near the Pratt Institute, recently featured on SpacesTV. LiCalzi was drawn to the apartment because it looks out into a big tree from the third floor, and he likes "to kind of feel like I'm up in a tree." The space utilizes elements we've seen before, but the highlight is the lofted platform bed that uses ceiling supports instead of legs and is part of a large custom storage unit. Check it out in the video above.
· Product Designer Turns 271sq ft into a "Tree House" Apt [SpacesTV YouTube]