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Pier 57's First Stage, Shipping Containers, to Debut by April

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Malls (and other buildings) made out of shipping containers aren't really anything new. What is new about the latest shipping container mall coming to the city: it will be at Pier 57, where the development plan from Youngwoo & Associates is finally in motion. The developer will set up shipping containers as stores for about 60 retailers by April, the Post reports. Each store can rent a shipping container for $3,000/month, and the project is called Incubox. When the rest of P57, as the pier's full makeover is now known, opens in spring 2015, the Incuboxes will rise in price to $5,500/month.

The shipping containers will make up only some of the 240,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space at P57 when it's finally completed?there will be stores of 50,000 square feet and larger, the Post explains. There will also be an amphitheater for the Tribeca Film Festival on the top deck. The Post describes one other fun feature: "a marketplace area where pieces of old airplane fuselages will be transformed into wide columns and double as food kiosks, performance spaces or spots for other activities." Cool, cool?but where is this project's sense of underwater adventure? P57 has a teaser website, but it's password protected. Anyone have access? Please share the goods.

UPDATE: And here's another look at P57, old airplane parts included:

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