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Curbed's Up-to-the-Second Guide to Zone A Building Rebirth

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Many residents of SoPo in Manhattan have been able to return home, but others are still awaiting building cleanup and information from building management. Herein, we're tracking everything we've heard about building statuses. Got intel or memos to share? Email Anonymity guaranteed.

The tips continue to roll in from readers as power is starting to return to some buildings while many others remain uninhabitable and are still in the process of assessing damage. The latest, below. Keep the intel coming about once-flooded buildings in all five boroughs to The previous two iterations of this thread were so long they broke Curbed, so previous updates may now be found here and, for news from immediately post-Sandy, here.


1 West Street (FiDi): Residents are back home, but they still have grievances against building management. One tenant writes: "The tenants have been able to return to 1 West Street, but there are huge safety issues and many are looking to leave. Over 130 tenants have banded together at to vent their frustrations and find ways to deal with the many ongoing problems they face. It looks like many were without heat, and Time Warner Cable and internet just recently became available after multiple complaints. Toxic odors continue to linger throughout the building and tenants are reporting getting stuck in elevators and worse, elevators dropping several floors while riding. Tenants are scared for their safety and an increasing amount of them who were originally going to stick it through are deciding to leave. To top it off, Moinian Group, the owner of the building, is expecting tenants to pay full luxury-price rent for living in the hazardous conditions. Their response to the dangerous elevators - cookies and a massage in the lobby!" Community Board 1's FiDi committee will be discussing 1 West at tonight's meeting.

100 Maiden Lane (FiDi): Residents of 100 Maiden Lane began to return November 19, but as at 1 West, many have concerns about the building. One tenant tells us:

Since the 19th when residents were allowed to re-enter, the building has been running off of an industrial generator. Beyond the noise, the generator is only powering one elevator for the 26 story building. The generator has also failed on at least three (3) occasions for hours at a time, resulting in loss of power, spoiled food, danger to pets and twice stranded residents stuck in the elevator.

Luckily the fire department has been responsive to help those trapped, but residents have expressed incredible frustration with 1. The lack of knowledge regarding whatever damage the building incurred and 2. No information about when the building will rejoin the electric grid.


Historic Front Street (South Street Seaport): Historic Front Street residents were told that they wouldn't be able to return home for several months. This weekend, management sent along a much more detailed update about how damage assessment and repairs have been going:

Since the storm, we have developed several dedicated teams to deal with the damage. Our Emergency Team was on site the day after the storm to remove flood water from all basements, common areas, lobbies and mechanical rooms. This has been a priority for us in order to prepare the buildings for the next steps. This team consisted of a professional contractor, our Front Street staff and our in house cleaning crews that brought teams of 8-10 people daily during the first few weeks and supplied dumpsters and trucks to clear our damaged property from residential and commercial spaces.

A mechanical/engineering team was created which consists of experts in the fields of plumbing, moisture mitigation, heating, cooling and electrical have been on site and have enlisted to support of contractors familiar with the systems at Front Street. Their priority has been to assess the damage to our systems and develop repair plans that are effectively coordinated for all systems and expedient.

Additionally, as we clear out water and debris, further testing of the systems must occur. Restoring electrical power is critical. Our electricians are on site and working towards restoration of temporary power to support construction work. Our elevator vendor has been on site at Front Street and is working with our engineers at Front Street to establish an action plan that will bring our elevators back on line. Our plumbing teams have been inspecting all heating, hot water and drainage systems. They have been working closely with our construction team for access to mechanical systems.

An on-site security center has been established and a detail of guards has been placed at the property. Procedures and protocol are in place for access control and monitoring of the site, visitors and vendors.

Residents will receive additional rent credits for October 28 and October 29.

1 West Street (FiDi): Residents of 1 West were allowed to move home on Friday evening. But several tenants have written to the tipline complaining of cold apartments and intermittent heat. One filed the following complaint with management:

Most importantly, most tenants that we've heard from have not had any heat. We have all called 311 to file complaints about Moinian and Elliman in this regard. As you know, you are required to provide heat and you aren't. More alarmingly, you have refused to communicate with us about the lack of this basic necessity. We have been made aware by members of your staff that Time Warner cable, Internet, and phone service has never worked since the storm, so either yesterday's statements demonstrated incompetence, or you decided to blatantly lie to us.

We also just learned that 1 of 3 elevators in operation was stuck for some time (with passengers) near the 24th floor.

Again, you were explicit with us yesterday with respect to the habitability of the building. Your statements were untrue; whether they were lies is not yet clear, but nevertheless, you haven't lived up to your part of the bargain - which at the very least means providing a safe and comfortable place to live, for which we pay significantly. You have rushed us back into the building, presumably to prevent losing further rent or to prevent more lease-breaking.

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