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Rambo Appears on Google Maps, Is It Now Legitimized?

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Brokers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of neighborhoods and mashing together names to create new ones, but when do the scoffed-at ProCos become the widely accepted Tribecas? A tipster emailed this morning, alerting us to the fact that "Rambo," short for "Right Around the Manhattan Bridge Overpass," is now appearing in Google maps. A Google search for "Rambo, Brooklyn, NY" even brings up an outlined map of the area, which Google apparently only considers to be four blocks. This is particularly amusing considering that just this past September, an amateur Google maps maker was quoted in the Times saying he rejected the inclusion of Rambo because he "likes [his] maps accurate." Rambo isn't the first new name to appear in digital maps?Apple maps includes LoDel?but does inclusion on a map legitimize a neighborhood? When does a name become a place? Discuss!
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