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Neighbor-Hated 150 Charles Street is Alive and Funded

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The neighbors who hate 150 Charles Street have continued protesting all along as if the slow-moving condo project were still happening, and it appears they were right. Developer the Witkoff Group has gotten a $230 million loan, the Journal explains, and $140 million of that is going right into the work on 150 Charles. Construction has, in fact, already resumed, which means neighbors will be looking at the thing they most feared in about a year and a half. The 91 condo units will be priced around standard area prices, which are currently about $1,683/square foot.

Local residents alleged this summer that the Witkoff Group tore down a building at the site that it was supposed to expand, not destroy. There's been no word of any design changes, so somehow we're still probably going to end up with a river-facing love seatwith waterfalls.
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014