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The Facade of New Condo 345 Meatpacking, Revealed!

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The fun Yayoi Kusama-design construction netting made an under-construction 345 Meatpacking easy on the eyes, but we've been waiting to see what was behind that black and yellow shroud. And now the time has come! A tipster sent along the photo at right (click for big) showing the building's fully-revealed facade. The three-story bronze cornice on the top is still under wraps, but the facade, made of grey Kolumba bricks imported from Denmark, looks pretty much just like the renderings, minus the artfully draped plants growing from the terraces.

Sales at the building began in October, and contracts have already been signed for 14 of the 21 units listed on the website. There are 37 condos total, with prices starting at $1.1 million for one-bedrooms. The current most expensive unit is a 3BR, 2.5BA penthouse seeking $6.325 million. At least two of the remaining three penthouses will likely cost more, as they are on a higher floor.
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345 W14th Street, New York (Meatpacking Dist), NY 10011