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Secret Sky Cams Livestream Construction of 432 Park Avenue

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New York's future tallest skyscraper, 432 Park Avenue, has been a mysterious building, with developers Macklowe Properties and CIM Group rarely confirming or denying any details that have surfaced about the 1,397-foot-tall tower. Adding to the air of secrecy, the Observer noticed that a website for the building has been livestreaming construction of the tower since September 2011, but the website?and its three EarthCams?have never been publicized. The cameras show the site from 56th Street, 57th Street, and Park Avenue, and they are accompanied by a set of striking black and white construction photos by architect-turned-photog Richard Berenholtz. Why take so much care to document the site, but not share it with the public?

[Photos by Richard Berenholtz for]

The tower, from what we do know, is designed by Raefel Vinoly, will cost $1 billion, and the condos will sell for a mindboggling $5,941 per square foot. That means the penthouse, what will be the highest occupied space in the city, will fetch around $85 million.
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432 Park Avenue

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