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Dream Homes Actually Exist; Taxidermy in Tribeca

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1) This week's Hunt Couple seems very reasonable. They're perfectly happy in their unofficially rent controlled apartment in Astoria (the landlord loves them and doesn't raise the rent) but, with a baby on the way, they decide it's time to find a home with a little more space. They reject a bunch of places, but they do so very reasonably. A place in Long Island City is too small. In a Forest Hills high-rise, the elevators are a catastrophe. In Rego Park, construction is still underway and move-in dates are uncertain. Back in Long Island City, everything is too expensive, but by this time the Rego Park place is ready, and back they go. Although there isn't much going on in their new neighborhood, with the new baby it isn't much of a concern. See? Very reasonable. [The Hunt/'An Apartment for 'the Baby Phase''; photo by nrvlowdown]

2) "Being a New Yorker is slightly voyeuristic. And as we take the same route over and over, our dreams start forming," says broker Andrew Phillips in an attempt to explain the subset of New Yorkers who fixate on a certain building in which they absolutely must live. Are these people crazy, or do they just have a clear idea of what they want and the will to get it? These vignettes of New Yorkers who found their dream homes may or may not have the answer, but they will almost certainly make you jealous. ['Dream Home: The Come-True Edition']

3) Taxidermy doesn't always have to be distasteful. Just ask photographer Arne Svenson and interior designer Charles Burkhalter, whose eclectically decorated Tribeca loft contains, in no particular order, a zebra leg, an artificial human leg, an oversized medical model of an ear, wax heads of a Chinese couple, a stuffed baby seal, a wallaby, a lion's claw, a hawk with a rabbit in its talons, and much more. Now that's how you decorate. ['Inviting in the Ghosts']