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Harvey Weinstein's Neighbors Don't Like Him Very Much

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Normally, if your neighbor's dog barks all the time, you have somewhat limited options for dealing with that problem. You can complain to the Department of Environmental Protection or call 311 or get scammed on some sort of "ultrasonic bark-control device" or even try to talk to him post signs around the neighborhood. If none of that works, you're out of luck. Unless the neighbor is Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, that is, in which case another option emerges: tell the Post all about it in an attempt to publicly shame him. And here we are. "Only bad press could stop Harvey Weinstein from ignoring the grief he is causing his neighbors," one neighbor wrote. "All other so-called legal means have failed to get him to control his constantly yapping dogs." "Oh, God, what have I wrought?" Harvey Weinstein probably didn't respond, while cradling his head in his hands and kneeling on the floor of one of the eight bedrooms in the West 12th Street townhouse he purchased for $14.9 million in 2006.
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