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City Council Approves New Districts and Landmarks; More!

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?Following last week's subcommittee approval, the Borough Hall Skyscraper Historic District has passed the full City Council. The district encompasses 21 buildings, mostly office buildings, and passed after some strong opposition from local residents and landlords. According to a Historic Districts Council e-mail blast, the City Council also approved the Bronx's Grand Concourse Historic District. Welcome to the historic district dancefloor! On the individual landmarks front, the landmark designation of artist housing complex Westbeth was also approved. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Fifth on the Park, the new Harlem condo that's had its ups and downs when it comes to buyer backouts, shares some good news: the building had 41 signed contracts in 2011. That's the highest number in Harlem, according to Halstead. Guess having buyers back out does have its upside.
Halstead also passes along the names of the other buildings with the highest number of contracts signed last year:

The top 10 properties with the most signed contracts in Harlem in 2011 are: 5th on the Park at 1485 Fifth Avenue with 41; 88 Morningside at 88 Morningside Avenue with 38; 2280 FDB at 2280 Frederick Douglass Boulevard with 31; PS90 at 220 West 148th Street with 30; Apex at 2300 Frederick Douglass Boulevard with 23; Pascal at 333 East 109th Street with 22; Embelesar 118 at 152 East 118th Street with 19; Gateway Towers at 2098 Frederick Douglass Boulevard with 17; Windows on 123 at 117 West 123rd Street with 13; and Parkside Flats at 362 St. Nicholas Avenue with 12 signed contracts. Congrats to all. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Westbeth Artists Housing

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