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Comment of the Day

"Yeah, it's nice, but impractical. What everyone fails to notice is that this purchase would be 2/3 times the highest sale on the block. This is yet another renovation/development failure. I'm also noticing Flank/Shop's name come up often these days in relation to some of these properties. 290 Mulberry, 150 West 15th, the Jane, which I actually believe they will take another bath on. These architects are being advised poorly. They are being told to make these super projects 5000-10000 sf properties. No one wants these, even the super rich and it they do, they'll buy Superior, 15 CPW, and things of that nature. Anyone who can spend $15mm can spend $25mm, we can be sure of that. As for 150 W 15. It would have made for great floor through rentals or 4 or 5 condos. Ultimately, I see this selling btw $11.5 and $13mm, at best. My gut tells me $9.5mm however."?anon [Chelsea Mega-Townhouse Cuts Price By Another $1.2M]