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Chelsea Mega-Townhouse Cuts Price By Another $1.2M

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The mega-townhouse at 150 West 15th Street may be showhouse-like, play the ukelele, and have a home theater and gym in the basement, but the original 2010 price of $22 million has still proven to be a little high. Try $5.3 million too high, and counting. The house has been PriceChopped four times already, and the latest chop lowers the ask to $16.7 million. Given its sales troubles, we can't quite blame the house?designed by some FLAnk alums?for losing the sense of fun it displayed in its initial renderings. And the brokerbabble still impresses: "Boasting many firsts for a private home, an 8-passenger, oversized elevator, full-height 1600 square foot cellar with skylights built to the maximum 100 foot lot line, dual laundry facilities, and 1000 bottle wine room. On the roof terrace, a 10-person jacuzzi with chemical-free Ultraviolet light filtration." So what price would work for this place?
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150 West 15th Street

150 West 15th Street, New York, NY