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General Theological Seminary Makes Another Sale for $18.5M

Chelsea's General Theological Seminary is well into its "Plan to Choose Life," in which it is selling several buildings to developer the Brodsky Organization in an attempt to clear up financial troubles. The Brodsky Organization will preserve and convert some of those buildings, as well as constructing new residential development on G.T.S. grounds. In fact, one of the condo conversions, 422 West 20th Street, is soon to hit the market. And another G.T.S.-Brodsky deal hit public record today: the $18.5 million sale of 445 West 20th Street. We haven't seen the address listed among the buildings set for a Brodsky makeover, so our best guess is that this lot might be the tennis courts next to the West Building where the developer has plans for new construction. (An early rendering showed a six-story building, unveiled to mixed feedback from Community Board 4.) Does anyone have additional intel? To the comments or the tipline!
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General Theological Seminary

440 West 21st St., New York, NY 10011