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Five Homes to Get Knick Jeremy Lin Off His Brother's Couch

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Jeremy Lin is the Knick rookie who went from being an un-drafted development league player out of Harvard to a beacon of hope to New York fans desperate for anything to work for their flailing franchise. Since he wasn't cut from the team last week, Lin is guaranteed the NBA's minimum salary of $613,567 for second year players (he was traded to the Knicks from the Warriors). That kind of paper means this 6'3" baller is ready to move off his brother's couch, where he's been crashing on the Lower East Side, and get a place of his own. We've scouted a few places out for him under the following criteria.

1) It's got to be a rental: Lin's only started three games, and while his performance was great and his jerseys will soon be flying off shelves, let's not get crazy. Plus, he's only making league minimum, so Lin should save any big commitment decisions until after a few meetings with his agent. 2) It should be a loft with high ceilings: Just because Lin works on a basketball court doesn't mean he needs to live in a place that looks like one, and he's only 6'3" so normal ceilings would do, but all of Lin's associates are huge guys and you don't want to make a house guest uncomfortable when you're a rookie. 3) No more than two bedrooms: This is no time to start gathering an entourage. In fact, Lin needs to focus on making the Knicks not-terrible, and discourage overnight hangers-on by limiting the ability to stay in his place. 4) Rent between $12,500 and $15,000: After the agent's cut, taxes, and a thousand other things, a $613,567 salary starts to look pretty moderate in New York City when shopping for real estate. Lin majored in Econ at Harvard; he should know how to live within his means. 6) In Manhattan: Lin is 24 years old and is suddenly playing for the New York Knicks. This is the dream! And no time to be moving to the suburbs.

Where: 7 Hubert Street, Tribeca [listing]
What: 2BR/2BA loft with 1,922 square feet
How Much: $15,000/month
The Score: He may not be a 7' center, but Lin will feel like a big man at The Hubert. A full-time doorman and in-building gym should keep the autograph hounds at bay.

Where: 92 Laight Street, Tribeca [listing]
What: 2BR/2BA loft with 1,710 square feet
How Much: $13,000/month
The Score: The usual amenities, but Hudson River views and spa-like bathrooms are a good way to unwind after big games, and hopefully not too many crushing defeats.

Where: 195 Hudson Street in Tribeca [listing]
What: 2BR/2.5BA loft with 2,312 square feet
How Much: $13,750/month
The Score: 11' foot ceilings with 9' windows and original columns in this place, which comes with a 61" plasma tv to watch SportsCenter highlights.

Where: 43 Wooster Street in Soho [listing]
What: 2BR/2BA loft with 1,995 square feet
How Much: $14,000/month
The Score: This building's smaller than the rest and located in Soho/Nolita. The steam function on the shower may come in handy after tough games.

Where: 1600 Broadway in Midtown [listing]
What: 2BR/2.5BA with 1,630 square feet
How Much: $12,500/month
The Score: This is the closest commute to the office, or The Garden in Lin's case, but its location on Times Square means that the Knicks guard would probably be mobbed not just be Knicks fans but by tourists alike. On second thought, disregard this suggestion entirely.

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