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Rave at The Slave Leads to Shuttering of Historic Theater

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The latest chapter in the storied history of The Slave Theater on Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy ended with the historic building sealed up by the Department of Buildings, which posted a sign reading “The conditions in this premises are imminently perilous to life," and threatening trespassers with arrest. Years of lawsuits and controversy over disputed ownership were catalyzed by a single party, that brought on the collapse of a floor in an outdoor smoking area, causing minor injuries. The dance party was held February 4th at The Slave Theater and featured DJ Fruit Loop until 10:30 p.m., when the partial collapse of the floor sent partygoers tumbling 10 feet into the basement. No one was seriously hurt, but it did get the DOB to seal the building. Considering that the owner of record, Samuel Boykin, has been trying to remove disputed tenants who were or were not paying rent so he could sell the building, repairs may be slow coming.

Ownership of The Slave Theater has been under dispute since the property, along with others, was placed in the care of a legal guardian for "Kung Fu" Judge John L. Phillips, who died without a will and was having his estate plundered in his declining years.
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Slave Theater

1215 Fulton St, Brooklyn, New York 11216