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Glowing Umbrella Dome Makes Another Attempt in Inwood

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SLO Architecture and a team of Bronx students made an attempt last fall at building Harvest Dome, a floating dome made of discarded umbrellas. The plan was to float the structure to the Inwood Hill Park Inlet, but the weather had other ideas. The dome was marooned at Rikers Island, where the Department of Correction destroyed it. You do hate to see that. Time to try, try again with a Kickstarter (complete with atmospheric video) to create Harvest Dome 2.0. This time the dome will "introduce light into the work, and have an array of light-emitting-diodes, inserted into each of the bottles and powered by tiny photovoltaic cells to create a glowing halo in the water at night." SLO Architecture is also hunting for a construction site closer to Inwood Hill Park, which should at least eliminate Rikers Island from the equation. Godspeed, umbrella orb.
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