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West End Avenue's $37.5M Megapenthouse Splits in Two

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When the listing for the $37.5 million megapenthouse at 535 West End Avenue hit the market last summer, we wondered whether the PriceChopper, a frequent building visitor, would return for the 13,779-square-foot combo condo. Actually, it's the FloorChopper that finally came for the unit. The Journal delivers the update that the penthouse has been chopped in two, and the two floors together now have an even higher ask of $45 million. (That works out to $25.5 million for the top floor and $19.5 million for the one below it, according to a condo plan amendment.) Brokers blamed the combo's failure to sell on the "studiously unshowy" neighborhood, but it's still moderately showy?the top floor of the combo is apparently already in contract, to an unidentified buyer for an unidentified price.
The floorplans, from the StreetEasy listing for the original $37.5M unit:

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535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY