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Live Below Russell Simmons, Near Zuccotti Park for $7.65M

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This 5,800-square-foot FiDi apartment was "renovated from floor to ceiling with no expense whatsoever spared," but that's actually not the thing that caught our attention about the listing. And that thing was the location. 114 Liberty Street is right near Zuccotti Park, which makes for an interesting contrast with the upscale decor and the even more upscale ask of $7.65 million. (It appears to have been recently PriceChopped from an original ask of $8 million.) Also notable: the apartment is on the 10th floor of the building, which means it's one floor below Russell Simmons' place. Maybe that explains the preemptive PriceChop.
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114 Liberty Street

114 Liberty Street, New York, NY