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Soho's 350 West Broadway Finally Sells Some Units

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Some of developer Aby Rosen's art lives at his 350 West Broadway building, and soon, so will some actual people! A press release informs us that the building is ready for immediate occupancy?and the first three sales have already closed. Which gives us a chance to compare asking and final prices, always a good time. The only closing that appears to have hit public record is for unit #3, a 3BR, 4.5BA place that sold for $9,266,075, a 10.5 percent discount from the ask of $10.35 million. The fifth- and eighth-floor units have also sold, and the press release tells us the final prices: #8, a 2,902-square-foot BR, was asking $8.995 million and sold for $7.2 million. Unit #5 (3BR, 4.5BA) was asking $9.85 million and sold for $8 million. That places the final prices between $2,300 and $2,600 per square foot, compared to an average ask of $3,499 a square foot.
StreetEasy shows four active listings, ranging in price from $8.65 million for a 2BR on the seventh floor to $26 million for the 3BR penthouse. Based on our new pricing knowledge, we predict a slight downward adjustment.
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350 West Broadway (Real Estate For Sale)

350 West Broadway, New York, New York 10013