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Facelift for Funky Fire Escape Building on East Fourth Street

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The extremely unique exterior of the Rod Rogers Dance Theater/Duo Theater on East 4th Street has undergone a phenomenal facelift recently that has rescued the building from being an eyesore with unique features to one of the gems on the block between Second Avenue and Bowery. Lost City noted the refurbishment of 62 East 4th Street: "The brickface has been restored, the paint job made uniform, the windows inside the great arched lintels replaced, the windows up top given custom panes that fit their shape, and the rust on the cylindrical fire escape sanded away." That last detail is probably the most revealing, because it is much easier to see that the cylindrical protrusion on the facade is a spiral fire escape, descending down from the loggia between Renaissance windows.

The theater has an interesting past typical of the East Village. It was built in 1899 and served as a ballroom, a music hall, a gay porn theater, an Andy Warhol hangout, and an art intallation/performance space over the years.
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