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Urban Camper Builds for Winter Near Manhattan West

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Cold temperatures are hard upon us, and some of New York's more intrepid urban campers are showing real street smarts when it comes to weathering the winter chill. We spotted a cleverly devised outpost over on the west side, near to where Brookfield's Manhattan West is getting ready to rise. That double block of towers won't be open for occupants until 2015, but one urban camper, opting for a more independent existence than the temporary shelter offered by the city, has already staked his claim and found a way to make it work.
The campground sits in an area full of possibilities, not far from the upcoming Tower o' Coach in Hudson Yards and near the old Farley Post Office, future home of Moynihan Station. This savvy early bird has fashioned what could be called an urban igloo?an adaptive reuse one, no less. Many of the materials seen at the camping site are re-claimed, notably bags from the nearby B&H emporium that are now finding a second life as storage units. The curtain wall is fabricated of re-purposed grey plastic, from the helpful folks at the 34th Street Partnership. Perhaps the most ingenious part of the camper's design is the tension line and counterweight system, fashioned to keep the whole thing in place. It's nice to see good low-cost design ideas put into practice on the streets of New York.
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Hudson Yards

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