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False Facade Alarm at A.P.C. Store in Historic West Village

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Fears that French fashion shop A.P.C. was getting all architecturally haute couture on the buttoned down historic West Village were overblown; the facade fencing is temporary. The store on West 4th and Perry Streets opened last week to neighborhood confusion about incongruous changes to the building's facade, now adorned with a fence of wooden slats the full height of the building's first floor and around the corner, broken only by sections of grey cement, which one tipster described as "an atrocity". The store's address at 267 West 4th Street is within the Greenwich Village Historic District and Extension and the Landmarks Preservation Commission did issue a permit for exterior alterations to the building, but not for wooden slats or a screen. When asked about the fencing, personnel at A.P.C. assured us that the fencing was only temporary in nature and slated to be removed in the spring. In which case, we applaud A.P.C. for putting up some of the most stylish and better looking construction fencing we've seen at a building site.
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267 West 4th Street

267 West 4th Street, New York, NY