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Renderings Revealed, Tenants Rumored for 51 Astor Place

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Developer Edward Minskoff describes his Starbucks-crushing 51 Astor Place office building as "black glass with black granite and silver fins," and for a few years now we've had just one rendering to demonstrate that. Now the building's teaser website is up, with a few more images of the 12-story Fumihiko Maki-designed building. Above, one look we haven't seen before. A few notable building features: a private green roof on the fifth floor, a tenant-accessible green roof on the 13th floor, and an urban plaza on the corner of Astor Place and Third Avenue. The lobby will include a James Carpenter-designed art installation "constructed of back-lit cast glass, which complements the building's overall design." The Astor Place plaza, meanwhile, gets an Alexander Calder sculpture.

Minskoff has said he hopes to fill the building with high-tech companies, investment banks, and/or advertising firms. A tipster tells us that IBM and Microsoft have both expressed interest in leasing the entire building. But nothing's been decided yet. (Showdown time?)

We leave you with one last render of the entrance:

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51 Astor Place

51 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003