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Scammer Kenneth Starr's UES Triplex Headed for Auction

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Celebrity-scamming money manager Kenneth Starr was one of two Ponzi scheme-connected folks who owned an apartment in the Upper East Side's Lux 74. The other was Andrew Madoff, and Starr had by far the flashier place, a townhouse-style triplex for which he paid a bit more than $7.6 million. For that he got five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wet bar, a sauna, a banquet room, and a 1,500-square-foot yard (images above via the building website). Now the rest of us have a shot at the lifestyle. As broker-blogger Malcolm Carter reports, the apartment?which Starr gave up as part of his restitution agreement?is headed for the auction block on February 29. Potential bidders will need a $1 million letter of credit to make a unit inspection appointment, and bidders also need a $250,000 cashier's check to register for the auction. And because it might need to be said for this building?legitimately-obtained funds only, please.

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