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Big Reveal: a 3BR Co-Op On The Upper West Side

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Guesses this week covered a wide range?from $1.249 million to $2.4 million?likely due to the vagueness of the location and the lack of a concrete square footage figure. Given those two uncertainties, there was a much larger focus on the layout of the 3BR co-op?from the appropriateness of having a kitchen pass through in a formal dining room to the nature of the third bedroom and whether or not this was the result of a unit combination. "The dining room is otherwise too large for this place but obviously beautiful and the good bones are appealing. $2.2MM is crazy." Crazy indeed. The ask for 215 West 98th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam is $1.495 million. This week's median guess was $1.75 million. Thanks for playing!
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