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Chelsea Market Rises to Balsa Wood Level of Construction

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The battle over the Chelsea Market Expansion is now in the hearts-and-minds phase, and Jamestown Properties is bringing that fight within the market's own walls, where there is now a scale model of the Chelsea Market [photo courtesy of a Curbed tipster] with its proposed expansion, all boxed in by its towering featureless neighbors. It looks like that little old market needs an expansion just to hold its own in that neighborhood! A nearby sign describes how many jobs the expansion will create and directs visitors to learn more at the site Chelsea Market Next.

Earlier this week, a pro-Market expansion group released a poll showing strong public support for the project, contrary to loud anti-expansion sentiment voiced in community board meetings. The coalition sponsoring the poll would not release specifics about it though, like sample size or the questions. Market expansion opponents said the poll expressing strong public support was essentially baloney. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has begun its own online petition to block rezoning that would allow the expansion. Democracy in action, all around!
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Chelsea Market

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