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Residents Suddenly Want Out at Tribeca's 169 Hudson Street

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"What's going on at 169 Hudson Street in Tribeca?" a tipster wrote to inquire last week. That tipster's concern was the three units listed for sale and one for rent, and now two more rental units have been added to that tally. What's going on? We're not entirely sure, but there's some overlap in the sales and rental offerings, including #6N above, asking $5.2 million (reduced from $5.45 million last fall) or $23,000/month as a rental. The owner is one Aliza Waksal, who appears to be daughter of ImClone Systems head Sam Waksal, who was charged with insider trading. The apartment itself featured in Waksal's defense.
There are two other units for sale, #2S for $5.45 million and #5S for $5.95 million. The listing for #2S is a quick turnaround, since the place last sold for $5.2 million in April 2011. Unit #5S has had a tougher time of it, last selling in 2004 for $3.5 million and failing to sell in 2008 and 2009 at $4.75 million. It's only #2S that's available for rent (at $15,000/month), but maybe #5S would do well to try that, too.
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169 Hudson Street

169 Hudson Street, New York, NY