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Manhattan Rents Are Unseasonably High Right Now

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Rents this month are about on par with September and October levels, according to the latest rental market report from MNS. Warm temps and landlords' decreasing interest in incentives sending more folks apartment hunting? The hard numbers have January rents down a mere 0.4 percent from December and up 7.2 percent from January 2011. As leases come up for renewal, renters are seeing increases of around $200/month for non-doorman buildings and $300/month in doorman buildings.
Unlike in most MNS rental reports of the past few years, this time there aren't many local bright spots for bargain-hunting renters. Rents dropped 2.3 percent month-over-month in Harlem, 1.3 percent in Chelsea, and 1.1 percent on the Upper West Side. In neighborhoods more within the reach of first-time renters, the numbers are apparently only going up: studio rents in Murray Hill and the Lower East Side were up around $45 compared to December. Does this match your experience, renters? Has anyone's rent not gone up this year?
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