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Williamsburg's Jardin Officially Back on the Market As a Rental

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Today's the day Williamsburg's Jardin begins its third life?after its original incarnation as Urban Green and a brief stint on the sales market?as a rental building. We spy two listings for studio apartments on the site, one asking $2,769/month and the other asking $2,954/month. The Real Deal has intel on the rest of the pricing. That $2,769/month is the lowest ask for a studio, one-bedrooms start at $2,579/month (for 697 square feet), and two-bedrooms (1,100 square feet) start at $3,600/month.
The Journal noted today that buyers started getting their deposits back (with interest) this week. But that doesn't include the money spent on lawyers and unit inspections at Jardin. And another building buyer tells us she's still hoping for action from the attorney general's office, but it sounds like the buyers are out of luck this time.
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142 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY