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Hotel Chelsea's Secluded Rooftop Oasis Now Just a Mystery

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Unhappy residents fear that the owners of the Hotel Chelsea are seeking approval to build a bass-thumping nightclub on top of the building, but the landlord for the landmarked building was tight-lipped during a community board meeting last night to discuss plans, and renderings of a rooftop addition have been almost comically non-descriptive; invisible even. At the CB4 meeting this week, building residents wanted the board to delay any addition and renovation plans due to a lack of information about the plans and unanswered questions. What they heard at the meeting probably did not leave them satisfied. Architect Gene Kaufman was not willing to say what the rooftop addition was going to be, nor could he say how many square feet the plans detailed.

Above are some pictures from Jeremiah Moss's Vanishing New York, which shows the organic-looking gardens on the roof of the Hotel Chelsea in 2007, before ownership transferred to the Chetrit Group. All of the changes can't be put on the new ownership, however. David Bard, son of former Hotel Chelsea manager Stanley Bard, had a 2BR rooftop bungalow installed in 2001.

[Images via B Space and Fradkin and McAlpin Architects.]

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