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Golden Girl's Midtown Co-op With Secret Passage Finally Sells

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Even with the Golden Girl's name attached, Rue McClanahan's former apartment at 430 East 56th Street took a while to sell. It hit the market in June 2010, shortly after McClanahan's death, and has only just found a buyer. The Observer IDs that buyer as "clean-energy guru" Alan Salzman, who paid $1.75 million for the apartment. That's down from an initial ask of $2.25 million and a PriceChopped ask of $1.995 million. Our favorite feature of the place is still the secret passage?a spice rack in the pantry that's actually a door to a bathroom. So what if that's not the most exciting destination for a secret passage?

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430 East 56th Street

430 East 56th Street, New York, NY 10022