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Rent Lance Bass's Chelsea Condo, No Strings Attached

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There are four things you need to know about renting this rent-by-owner vacation unit at the Chelsea Mercantile: 1) Luxury - it is very luxurious; 2) Comfort - you will be so comfortable inside this apartment; 3) Location - it is located in the luxurious and comfortable Chelsea Mercantile, and there is a Whole Foods located downstairs; and 4) Lance Bass - no further explanation necessary.

Actually, Lance Bass is the owner of this condo at the Chelsea Mercantile and, according to the Post, is spending so much time on the west coast that he's renting his Chelsea 2BR/2BA (sleeps five) apartment for $500 a night (5 night minimum). Or spend a full month poking through his drawers and DVD collection at Chez Bass for $10,000. The rental is available at, (Vacation Rentals By Owners).
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Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY