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Explore New York's New Islands of Magic, Myth, and Folly

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On Nato Thompson's imagined "Oscar Island", the 30 richest people and 30 poorest people in New York City are stranded for one year to engage in communal living and an amateur production of the previous year's Academy Award winner for Best Picture. Think hedge fund billionaires and homeless men performing The King's Speech or LOTR: Return of the King. Thompson's idea is just one of 15 fictional islands that are testing the "waters" around the NYC Panorama at the Queens Museum of Art as part of the exhibit, "Greg Sholette: Fifteen Islands for Robert Moses". Sholette's "art infiltration" of the Panorama is on display in Flushing Corona Park through May 20th. Click through the gallery to see more examples, but visit the Queens Museum to catch them all.
· Greg Sholette: Fifteen Islands for Robert Moses [QueensMuseumofArt; via Gothamist]