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Boerum Hill Loft Touts Itself As "Tribeca Alternative"

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The listing for this loft at 423 Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill proudly declares it a "Tribeca Loft Alternative", and with 2,500 square feet we'd be inclined to hear its case. Located in the Ex-Lax factory (yeah, yeah) in Boerum Hill, this place has nice open spaces and a 500 square foot terrace for all your outdoor needs. It's only on the second floor of the building, so you're not going to get much in terms of a view. And what of the asking price of $1,795,000? Definitely less than you'd pay in Tribeca, but is gonna fly in Boerum Hill?

· 423 Atlantic Avenue 2AB [Corcoran]

423 Atlantic Avenue

423 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY