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Mammoth $10 Million Lower Fifth Avenue Apartment Goes for the Craigslist Method

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Last year, this gigantic combination at 2 Fifth Avenue hit the market for a seemingly reasonable $8,750,000. Surprisingly, nobody bit and the place was taken off the market. Well, it's returned for a brand new price of $9,950,000, and a not-so-fresh new listing. After a perfectly nice batch of listing photos last year, the place is being marketed with some serious amateur level pictures. The 4BR/4.5BA with 3,100 square foot outdoor space unit should be able to take some pretty snazzy shots but... look for yourself. Then again, you never know. This floorplan is pretty droolworthy...

Listing: 2 Fifth Avenue Unit 6EFGH

2 Fifth Avenue

2 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY