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Big Reveal: a 3BR in Tribeca With Park, Traffic Views

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This week's guessers came close to collectively nailing the asking price on the 3BR/2BA loft at 48 Laight Street. The median of the 11 guesses was just $50,000 below the official ask of $2.55 million for 1,600 square feet and floor-to-ceiling park views. The park on which the building with 9 boutique residence sits is the on/off rotary traffic system for the Holland Tunnel. But one guesser on the high end said he would offer $2.75 million and set aside the difference between that and his guessed ask of $3 million for asthma meds and air purifiers. That's probably not necessary though. Laight and Hudson is fairly close to the waterfront and plenty of fresh air.
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